Refurbishment of the Santos gully

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Date: January, 2010
Owner: Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Scope: Detail Design and Technical Support

The refurbishment Project for the Santos Gully contemplates the execution of a new 2,350m long roadway which shall run parallel to the aforementioned gully.

The fulfillment of this new roadway makes it necessary to construct a 330m long false tunnel, a steel footbridge and seven bridges along with a number of retaining walls and three buildings.

The false tunnel employs a hollow slab and is delimited laterally by retaining walls on one side and a row of circular steel pillars on the other.

The Salamanca Bridge. This is a pre-tensed concrete structure with two spans; 36.0m and 16.0m and is 15.0m wide with a V-shaped central pier.

The Duggi Footbridge. This is a single span 32.85m long steel structure which houses a drainage system in its inside. The footbridge has a triangular transversal cross-section with the upper face horizontally placed and a triangular cell set on each vertex which constitute the longitudinal bracing. Between these elements there is a triangulation of metal profiles.

Asuncionistas Bridge. This bridge was built in continuation to a reinforced concrete arch bridge which was built in 1922. The construction of the new bridge required a complex constructive process in order to avoid damaging the existing bridge as well as to allow continuity of vehicular traffic on the same.

Viaducts 1, 2 and 3. The Meoqui Bridge and the Serrador Bridge. All of these employ pre-cast decks with spans varying between 28.0m and 38.0m in length.

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